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About us

History and Mission

Founded in 2011 by Pierre-Luc Lamontagne and Luc Guimond, the Quebec Company CO2 Environnement had the mission of planting maximum trees to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and restore forests. In addition we want to be able to generate premium quality carbon credits both locally and internationally from these projects and thus ensure that our customers have the highest quality of their investment when they offset their carbon footprint through our credits.  In the quest of the best ways to do this, we looked at what was done at the global carbon forest level. We wanted the best standard applicable to our regions and achieve the best rated results in world forestry. We thus opt for the CarbonFix standard (Gold Standard in Transition) which includes all the basic requirements of a forest carbon credit, plus co-benefits, environmental and socio-economic aspects. (Overview Fundamental components of forest carbon standards - available on request). A long way from realizing the complexity, we work tirelessly to achieve the requirements of this standard. We must subsequently get our project verified by a third party deemed to have the skills recognized for the verification of a forest project and we have chosen the independent auditor Rainforest Alliance (Smarwood) who has completed more than 3,000 forestry inspections. Mission accomplished, now recorded on the Markit Registry London, the high quality carbon credits of CO2 Environnement can be confidently used to offset the carbon footprint of social or individual activities (buildings, events, travel, etc.) or retained as an investment.

A first in North America!

Today pleased with our progress, we want to continue our mission and annually replant about 150 hectares of forest in urban and semi-urban areas, and it is with no less effort that we are looking for degraded land to reforest. We plan to expand our horizons to Mexico shortly too. But always willing to offer the best quality, the best standards will be maintained regardless of the project. We sincerely believe that in order to satisfy our partners and save our environment, no effort should be spared. Reforestation is the first part of our mission, but to continue our dedication to providing the highest standards of the industry and ensure strong high quality projects we need your contribution for the sale of carbon credits related to our projects. In this second part, we have developed support to individuals and companies wishing to be our partners. Do your part too, compensate and contribute to sustainable development.

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