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Foundation CO2 Environnement 

Our mission, free reforestation of the largest possible number of sites in urban and semi-urban areas.

Why the creation of the CO2 Environnement foundation?

During the selection of land for CO2 Environnement inc. projects they must meet very specific criteria to allow us to comply with the standard that we are looking for, for example, Gold Standard and thus succeed in approving our project. Amongst other, the size of the land must meet the Canadian definition of forest land shall be eligible under the standard, they must also allow the project to be additional and the baseline scenario (baseline) should allow the project to be viable etc.

Thus, several factors some of which are very sharp must be validated to allow us to make a positive selection of a land.

Unfortunately, some sites cannot be selected, but could represent on the other hand, an excellent potential for reforestation. These lands were very well located or also easily accessible and would have greatly benefited from their degraded state and the positive impact on the surrounding environment.

To achieve our mission to plant as many trees we set an initial target of 50,000 trees per year for five (5) years.

Under these plantations we want to combine several aspects of interest to sensitize people to the importance of reforestation and its beneficial effects on our ecosystems and our environment in general.

We want to reach as many young people as possible as, who will be dependent on the environment that will be left to them, who the older generation can still influence for the better the condition of the current state of our planet

We will try to pay special attention to the educational component to inform people about the positive impact of reforestation and the devastating effects of deforestation and that we can locally, even on a small-scale, have an impact in increasing our activities and through training, change things.

Although we have already planned the activities, we are always looking for reforestation sites.

If you have suggestions please send them to us using the following project form. 

We shall post an annual list of our reforestation activities and places visited and we will be happy to welcome you there.

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