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Carbon gestion through volontary compensation is part of the new values conveyed by responsible businesses and citizens who want to be part of the solution and help the environment. This attitude deserves to be known and companies working in this way to be role models.
This is why we would like to publicize your achievements as far as environment is concerned.
Send in your news and it is with great pleaser that we will put them up on our website for everyone to see.
We also would like to thank you once again of your participation and your commitment to reducing CO2 held in the air.

Aéroport de Montréal

ADM has allowed us the use of his reputation and his land to start the mission of CO2 Environnement. Availability and cooperation were exceptional.



Construction Voyer Inc.

CRE de Laval

CRE de Laval offsets the travelling due to their "Regional consultation forum on strategic planification" of 2013.

CT Copieur Laval


Cycle Environnement, true to its commitments regarding environment and sustainable development, has offset the carbon footprint of their entire business activities. Faithful to their principles of conviction, coherence and devotion, they wish therefore to set an example. 


Daran is an artist from France now established in our province and greatly appreciated from his fans. Concerned by the environment, Daran and his team offsets all their tour travelling, in Quebec and in Europe.

Festival de cirque Vaudreuil

Festival de cirque Vaudreuil-Dorion annually offsets the carbon footprint of their event.

Golf Le Mirage

Investissement Québec


National Ecocrédit


SADC des Laurentides

SADC des Laurentides, very active in the environmental awareness, offsets all their travelling annually.

Tourisme Laval

Tourisme Laval

Tourisme Montréal

Tourisme Montreal can be proud of their environmental consciousness, they offset all air travelling annually! 

Ville de Blainville
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